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In the process of creating the first  EP
(Black Metal)
"Song of Serpent.
Parth I"
(Ritual Ambient)
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Diabolical Occult Project

Salve o povo de Diabolica Quimbanda!

Laroye Exu!

In Nomine Diaboli! 

Terreiro Dos Sete Infernos -

Diabolica Quimbanda Cult

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KVLTMOR is black metal band from Russia and was born in October MMXX, but his official date of birth became VI.XI.MMXIX, when the first opus "Salve Exu Mor, salve Beelzebuth" was released .

The main theme and the source of inspiration is the Diabolica Quimbanda. It`s the sinister occult black-magic Tradition that goes back to the forgotten bowels of human history.

"The Diabolica Quimbanda is the gift of the Devil to his followers, is the Poison of Saint Serpent. It is the radiant Light of Lucifer, it is the roar of Beelzebut's Curses, it is the Ominous Silence of Astaroth, it is the seductive touch of the Red Goddess. These are drops of blood dripping from the sickle of our Master Qayin, these are the endless gardens of Qalmana, this is Darkness and Light, Love and Hate, Life and Death, Peace and War.  Kvltmor took on a heavy burden to be a Herald Diabolica Quimbanda in order to bring blessing to the worthy and a curse to the pathetic." - Vargas Mor, vocal

варгас и лизелотте.jpg

Ideals of Kvltmor:

1. Fuck morals!

2. The world must burn!

3. Worship Devil!

Symbol of Kvltmor:


Two braids, as a symbol of Qayin's abuse of the earth.

X-shaped cross, symbolizing the First Calvary and the First Grave, the place where Abel was buried and Akeldama was opened. 

The skull that is engulfed in Black Flames is the essence of necromagia as a whole. It`s the face of the God of Death.

The eleven tongues of satanic flame are the Eleven Gods Of hell in Sitra Achra.