Legion Kvltmor is an community of listeners and followers of ideals and Symbols Kvlmor, satanists, devil worshippers, and quimbandeiro who chose the Left-Hand Path and thorny way in the Land of Nod.


Ideals of Kvltmor:

1. Fuck morals!

2. The world must burn!

3. Worship Devil!

Symbol of Kvltmor:



Two braids, as a symbol of Qayin's abuse of the earth.

X-shaped cross, symbolizing the First Calvary and the First Grave, the place where Abel was buried and Akeldama was opened. 

The skull that is engulfed in Black Flames is the essence of necromagia as a whole. It`s the face of the God of Death.

The eleven tongues of satanic flame are the Eleven Gods Of hell in Azerate.